Oracle Sql output format

I am using the following form for regular sql output SET LINESIZE 32000; SET PAGESIZE 40000; SET LONG 50000;  for example show Oracle Asm disks status : SQL> select GROUP_NUMBER,MOUNT_STATUS,STATE,REDUNDANCY,NAME,PATH from v$asm_disk; output like this.


How to find table size?

Hello, if you want to see all table sizes in oracle database you can use this code. SELECT owner, table_name, ROUND(sum(bytes)/1024/1024/1024) GB FROM (SELECT segment_name table_name, owner, bytes FROM dba_segments WHERE segment_type IN ('TABLE', 'TABLE PARTITION', 'TABLE SUBPARTITION') UNION ALL SELECT i.table_name, i.owner, s.bytes FROM dba_indexes i, dba_segments s WHERE s.segment_name = i.index_name AND   s.owner … Continue reading How to find table size?

The Backdoor Entry to Oracle Database

The backdoor entry of the Oracle database! You can enter to the database through the back door using SQL * Plus tool with “Prelim” parameter  Prelim, directly connects to the SGA but it does not open a session. You can connect to the database with Prelim as following. [oracle@maxerman bin]$ sqlplus /nolog SQL*Plus: Release … Continue reading The Backdoor Entry to Oracle Database

ORA 28040 no machine authentication protocol Error.

ORA 28040 no machine authentication protocol Error. I am trying to connect with Plsql Developer to Oracle databse Oracle 12c in Oracle Linux 7.3 system. However, whenever i run my application i get following exception. Error messages summary : "connect error, ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol" Bug number -> 14575666 Solutions 1 :  1. Connect … Continue reading ORA 28040 no machine authentication protocol Error.

What is infoFence?

infoFence, is a 3rd. party real time security database software for Oracle databases. SCOPE Login Control DDL/DCL (Database Definition & Control Language) Control DML (Data Manipulation Language)/QUERY Control Database and Application Error Detection System Conditional Table Access Logging System. It is installed into Oracle Databases (10g,11g,12c) and runs using Database Triggers and optionally be integrated … Continue reading What is infoFence?

Wget: command not found error on OEL 6.8

error => bash : wget command not found. Use the wget utility to download the repository configuration file that is appropriate for your system. Is wget installed? If not, install it: