Add UNDO tablespace autoextend tips

Hello,   I need to alter by UNDO tablespace tpo make it autoextend on.  How do I change my UNDO tablespace to allow for autoextend? Show Undo Tablespace in Oracle Database scripts ; CREATE UNDO TABLESPACE UNDOTBS2 DATAFILE '+ XDSLBAUNDATA' SIZE 33554416K AUTOEXTEND OFF, '+ XDSLBAUNDATA' SIZE 33554416K AUTOEXTEND OFF, '+ XDSLBAUNDATA' SIZE 33554416K AUTOEXTEND OFF, '+ … Continue reading Add UNDO tablespace autoextend tips


dbms_lock.sleep must be declared error ( Packages Invalid ) solution

Hello, n the Oracle PL/SQL, I want to test the sleep function. I am using PHM_DEV schema. but it gives me error : dbms_lock.sleep must be declared error Schema name : PHM_DEV Cause :The Oracle schema  does not have access to the DBMS_LOCK package. solutions : connect to database ass sysdba grant execute on SYS.DBMS_LOCK to schema_name; … Continue reading dbms_lock.sleep must be declared error ( Packages Invalid ) solution


Hello, The CLOSE_DATABASE_LINK procedure is used to close an open but inactive database link in the session. Determining Which Links Are in the Database The following views show the database links that have been defined at the local database and stored in the data dictionary: DBA_DB_LINKS Lists all database links in the database. ALL_DB_LINKS Lists … Continue reading DBMS_SESSION.CLOSE_DATABASE_LINK

Delete from a table based on date

hello, the script which will delete the data older than the particular date delete from the table trunc (> to_date ('01 / 01/2009 ',' mm / dd / yyyy ')  

Logon Trigger Error ORA-00604

User ID:  the user ID that was used to perform the sign-on operation Session ID:  the Oracle control session ID for the user Host:  the host name of the computer Logon date:  an Oracle date data type corresponding to the user login time. add a new user in the db_login_params INSERT INTO dbmain.db_login_params (username, osuser,IP_ADDRESS,machine,DB,TRIGGER_CONTROL,insert_date) VALUES … Continue reading Logon Trigger Error ORA-00604

Check Users Connected to Oracle Database

Hello, To find how many users are on the database issue the following. SQL> SELECT username FROM v$session; Show what users are running SQL> SELECT a.sid , a.serial# , a.username , b.sql_text FROM v$session a , v$sqlarea b WHERE a.sql_address=b.address; You can add the following to the script if you have a lot of users … Continue reading Check Users Connected to Oracle Database